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Nectar Health's mission
Our mission is to help women affected by migraine attacks to live life to their fullest potential.

Nectar Health's methodology
Our methodology joins our expert knowledge about gut health, Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternative medicine to help women reclaim their health naturally. We do so by leveraging technologies to be fact-based, rigorous and systematic in our approach.

Nectar Health's difference
It works. A migraine attack is a message, telling the brain that there’s an imbalance in the gut. Modern medicine's solution is to mute that message. But the imbalance is still there. Our solution is to treat that imbalance with functional foods. This is functional food as medicine that gets to the root of the problem. It’s no surprise that it actually works.

Nectar Health's promise
We will help you live again. With the power of functional food, we will free you from migraines. We’ll get your brain back, bring colour into your life, empower you to achieve your potential, and help you truly live again.


Access: We have found an effective treatment for migraine attacks. So it’s our moral obligation to share it with every woman who needs it. We believe it should be affordable, available at scale, and easy to understand.

Heart: So many women haven’t been listened to, believed, or understood. We bring them hope, empathy, and companionship, on their journey.

Oneness: We take a holistic approach to everything we do. We believe in the oneness of old and new, East and West, human insight and data, the gut and the brain, and achieving balance.

Strong sisterhood: We empower women with respect and knowledge, to help them reach their full potential. Their journey helps us free more women from migraine attacks, creating a powerful community of empowered women.

Gratitude: Each woman provides essential insights to help us treat the next woman. So we show our gratitude by respecting and empowering them, and help them share their gratitude for each other.

Relentlessness: We're relentless in finding the best treatment possible for every single woman. We're a force of nature in our pursuit of success, and take every case personally.