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The online test is free of charge. It also does not require a credit card to take the test.


The diagnostic call is free of charge BUT it will require a 30 USD deposit. This deposit will be given back to you once the call is complete (whether you decide to join us or not). This money is only to book the time slot as time is very precious.


At Nectar Health, we prioritize the impact we create in people's lives over profits. During our consultation, I will create a customized plan for your migraine management needs. I will provide you with transparent information on the actual costs associated with serving a profile like yours.


At Nectar Health we understand that financial hardship can be a major challenge, and we strive to assist those who are struggling. Additionally, we offer a unique "Money-Back Guarantee" worldwide. If you do not experience a decrease in the intensity and/or frequency of your migraines within four months or the timeframe we specify, we will refund your money.

Our intent supersedes the money that we make.
We exist to transform lives.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

If you follow your treatment plan consistently, and don’t feel any improvements after 4 months, we’ll give you your money back. Because we hear you. A long quest for answers without results may make you feel very vulnerable.