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Thank you.

To the woman who wrote this website. Thank you, Sarah Cahill, for an amazing piece of work to guide women like you to be in the driving seat of their health.

To the women pioneers that worked together with me initially, who shared stories, their struggles, tried new ways, provided their feedback, and made the progress for themselves and so many in return. Thank you for sharing your pain. You have been heard and are making so many more women heard.

To Dr. Yifang Zhang, for her incredible inspiration and legacy, for her patience and nurturing relationship, for her encouragements and advice. Thank you for your genuine intention to bring the East and the West together and to make it all a better place.

To my family, my husband for his support, my daughter for her enthusiasm and asking how all of you are doing, and my son for his lucky artifacts that he puts on my desk… To you who reads these words, for thinking about and taking care of the women migraineurs that surround you.