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The Nectar Health flow

Here's how our process works.

Take the Test

Take our proprietary test. Women reported making new connections on their migraines and other symptoms while taking the test! You can take it on this website or on our App in the App store.
(⌛8 minutes).

Debrief on Your Test Results

We will contact you to set 60-min conversation to debrief you on your migraine test results and explain to you what is going on in your body. In this call, we will confirm whether we can help.
(⌛60 minutes).  

Access Your Treatment Plan

Download your individual Nectar App. That App is designed uniquely for your migraine profile and will keep evolving as your migraine decrease in intensity and in frequency. It will recommend you to add foods in your diet, to adopt some non-expensive habits and to track daily.
(⌛24 hours).

Eat and Track Your Progress

Add your power teas and functional foods to your regular diet. We are not removing, we are adding! There will always be teas and infusions so you feel you can lead a normal life!
Fill in your personalised tracker daily. That tracker is personal and will evolve with time as your food lists change.
(⌛2 minutes)

Bond with Our Community!

In the App, you will be able to bond with other women on our programme, connect with them, see how they are evolvinng themselves!! You will also encounter our migraine alumn, still connected to all of us!!
(⌛1-2 minutes)

Live! Watch your Migraine Decrease

Observe your body. It is changing! Your migraines are decreasing in intensity and in frequency until they disappear. The good thing is -- you do not need a blood test or a PhD! You can just feel it for yourself. Many of your other symptoms will disappear as well. Friends and are likely to comment unsolicited!
(⌛4-8 months)

Become one of Our Migraine Alumn!

Graduate from our program! Reclaim your life! Live it with possibilties, intent and purpose! At that satge, you will receive a formal letter to announce that we have seen you long enough without a migraine to qualify as a Migraine Alumn!
(⌛1 minute)

Maintain Your New Level!

Predisposition for migraine is genetic, it runs in families so we want to help you keep your balance.
(⌛3 months)

100% Money back guarantee

Not working for you? We believe you should get your money back and use it in the way you chose too!
(⌛24 hours).


Our approach to your migraine treatment is unique worldwide.

We follow the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which recognise that migraine attacks are a result of a DNA predisposition, combined with a myriad of factors and underlying conditions.

From our work with migraineurs and TCM doctors, Western science, latest research and medications and food interactions, we have identified more than a dozen conditions, and a myriad combinations possible starting in the digestive and hormonal systems, that can cause migraine attacks.

There are about 50,000 combinations of possible migraine conditions.

There are about 50,000 possible combinations of migraine disease conditions. What makes migraine disease even more complex is that these conditions are dynamic, and are influenced by your stage of life (e.g. pregnancy and menopause), your eating habits (e.g. a vegan diet, histamine and tyramine free, FODMAP), and even where you live (e.g., in a city with a high level of humidity).

Because there are so many factors at play, it is difficult to know exactly which medications and treatments work for you.

That’s why our Nectar Health online test is so important. It helps us understand your unique symptoms, and customise your functional foods list to you.

It's all natural

Have you heard of some of the functional foods that we love to recommend?