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Tackle the root causes of your migraines.
Feel the difference.

With our migraine AI powered by functional foods, we will free you from migraines. We’ll get your brain back, bring colour into your life, empower you to achieve your potential, and help you truly live again.

Customer Reviews

"As my body responded, Diane adjusted the foods I needed to eat. I was in tears realising that finally something was going to work for me. After 2 months I was able to double my hours at work, I had more energy and I had more time to enjoy life. I don’t know where I would be without Diane."


Auckland Partner in Sustainability Iwi

"After just 6-8 weeks, my migraine attacks started to decrease in intensity and frequency. After years and years of medication and dozens of professionals, I couldn't believe that by simply adding functional foods to my diet I was finally able to live without medication in my handbag wherever I go!"


Dubai Head of Community engagaments Luxury Retail

"I’ve been incorporating my recommended functional foods and teas for a few months now, and my migraine attacks have decreased to about one every two months. My sleep has improved, I don’t have sugar cravings anymore, and most importantly, I feel more free and in control."


Singapore Sr Project finance Mgr CleanTech

"Having suffered with migraine for a number of years, I turned to Diane for support and relief. She helped me to identify what foods would help me to manage my headaches and gave me super advice about lifestyle and health. I saw a 70% drop in my headaches; going from losing 4-5 days per month to a fraction of that. I really appreciated the holistic approach and the fast results"


Amsterdam Head of Sales for EMEA Tech

"After 6 months, I no longer experience dizziness, am able to fit my favourite dresses again, have noticeably clearer skin, longer hair, no anxiety and finally feel like I am back to my ‘old’ self. This experience has been truely life changing and something that I will be forever grateful for. "


Auckland Marketing Manager Transport

"Diane has allowed me to see and experience a life without pain or without living on the edge with the unpredictability of migraine. There is still room for improvement but her practise and process have provided me with more than any usual medicine practise has in the past. I’m starting to feel a sense of control and understanding of my migraines."


Auckland Designer Communications

"Diane took me through this amazing journey of rebalancing my body, and clearing off headaches I experienced since I was a kid. Her attention and kindness made it very easy to pursue and pushed me to follow through. And i was lucky to be rewarded with an incredible boost of energy."


Shanghai Head of Sales for EMEA Tech

"Before I met Diane, my head hurt. Now my head does not hurt. I think she had the best hypothesis of all the doctors I met (that is 20!)"


Seattle Student

My experience with Diane was very positive, I felt listened to, understood and considered. Diane is an active and caring listener, she takes into account every little detail of our daily lives and adapts to us in order to offer us personalized help. I come out of this experience with a better knowledge of my body but also of my mind and migraines that have almost vanished.


Brussels Teacher

In 2020 and part of 2021, I got a lot of migraines I was overstretched. I was home-schooling kids, working long hours and not having enough ways of relaxing given the COVID context. Thankfully, I came across Diane Ducarme’s amazing Nectar Health program and we started working together on the elements that were causing the migraines. I integrated functional foods into my diet and it helped me keep the migraines under control. I highly recommend this life-changing program!


Kuala Lumpur Chief Strategy Officer talent platform

I suffered from migraines for several years. Not wanting the side effects of medications, I just did my best to live my life around them. Upon retirement I had the time and energy to explore other options. That’s when I found Nectar Health. With their guidance, I was able to get to the root cause of my migraines in eight months. The quality of my life has improved substantially and being free of migraines has allowed me to fully enjoy retirement.


Michigan Happily retired

Diana changed my life by eliminating the migraines that affected my daily life. I used to be able to count the days when I had a headache now I can count the days when I don't have a headache! It's a revolution for me with gentle and natural methods by listening to my body! Diane has always been there, caring, attentive and available! She adapted when needed. I am now freed from my migraines and when I happen to have a headache I know how to analyze and say why!



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A treatment plan that works

Why choose Nectar Health?

Women we work with talk about their life and potential "before us" and "after us". They claim we are making a huge difference in their life and so do their loved ones.

It's all natural

Unlike drug treatments, our natural functional food treatment is risk-free. That means no more side-effects, only additional health benefits.

Backed by millennia of expertise

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been perfected over millennia. Its theories that the gut and brain are connected, and that a migraine attack is a message, have been proven by Western science.

It's driven by data

We treat your unique symptoms as data. Combined with our own human insights, and knowledge of TCM, we use that data to calculate a functional food treatment plan that’s tailor-made for you.

The benefits

Live for your purpose

Your brain is so precious. Now let's get it back. Together, we can manage your migraines - so you can spend your brain time on whatever gives you purpose.

A process that works

Every body is different. There is no one size fits all when it comes to women's migraines. And that is the secret recipe that allows us to have women so happy with our service.

Nature + tech + science + wisdom

We've combined scientific research, with the power of nature, the intelligence of AI, and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for a truly holistic migraine treatment.

Choose food, not drugs

Our migraine disease treatment is just beautiful functional food. So don't you worry about side-effects - the worst thing that can happen is that you eat something new!

No hassle

We've made diagnosis and treatment so simple that you can do it from home. Want to get started? We'd love to have you with us! Our online test takes just 7 minutes.

Empower more women

Join our community in fighting back against migraines. Your journey will help so many women in the future, by making our AI even stronger.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

If you follow your treatment plan consistently, and don’t feel any improvements after 4 months, we’ll give you your money back. Because we believe that you shouldn’t pay us if we can’t make you healthier. What have you got to lose?


Are migraine attacks taking
over your life?

In this video, Jess explains how she used to experience 30 days of migraines a month, and how her life has improved since completing our programme.

Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with “you”? That’s why we’re here.

We listen to you and your body, finding the root causes of your migraines, and tackle them - so you can go back to just being you.


About us

Behind our algorithms that relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine is Dr. Yifang Zhang. Dr. Yifang Zhang received her MS qualifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1986 from China’s Nanjing TCM University.

She has more than 35 years of clinical and teaching experience in the United States of America, China, and England. She is an expert TCM practitioner, as well as an associate professor, consulting doctor in TCM, licensed herbalist, and acupuncturist. She taught close to 1,000 students worldwide and is the author and co-author of 6 books on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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