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Chloe's Story

Migraines, age 8, Seattle

"Before I met Diane, my head hurt. Now my head does not hurt. I think she had the best hypothesis of all the doctors I met (that is 20!)"


Milena's Story

IBS, age 30, Auckland

"I have been living with IBS for more than half of my life. I never thought my symptoms could improve until I started working with Diane. Now I don’t feel bloated every day, I understand my triggers and I feel more in control of my body. Diane's level of enthusiasm and her support makes this entire experience an absolute delight!"


Marine's Story

Migraines, age 36, Dubai

"After just 6-8 weeks, my migraine attacks started to decrease in intensity and frequency. After years and years of medication and dozens of professionals, I couldn't believe that by simply adding functional foods to my diet I was finally able to live without medication in my handbag wherever I go!"


Anna's Story

Migraines, age 29, Auckland

"I was getting migraines 6 days a week and spending thousands of dollars on treatments. My migraines finally eased a few weeks after eating the functional foods Diane recommended. It gave my body a break from the full time pain, and now they have almost completely eased off. "


Jess's Story

Migraines, age 30, Auckland

"As my body responded, Diane adjusted the foods I needed to eat. I was in tears realising that finally something was going to work for me. After 2 months I was able to double my hours at work, I had more energy and I had more time to enjoy life. I don’t know where I would be without Diane."


Jade's Story

Migraines, age 29, Singapore

"I’ve been incorporating my recommended functional foods and teas for a few months now, and my migraine attacks have decreased to about one every two months. My sleep has improved, I don’t have sugar cravings anymore, and most importantly, I feel more free and in control."


What are the root causes of your migraines? Can you cure them?

“Migraine” is a very generic term. More syntax to distinguish them has been developed in recent years, such as: migraine with aura, migraine without aura, menstrual migraine, cluster migraine, chronic migraines, retinal migraine, hemiplegic migraine, ice pick headaches. While these names are somewhat useful in grouping types of migraines and symptoms, they still fail to indicate the root cause, or a solution. 

Symptoms can vary tremendously. Women can suffer an attack with debilitating pain, while others experience little to no pain. The symptoms of an attack can include a loss of vision, seeing prisms or dots, or experiencing blurred vision, to even experiencing pain in your right arm. For some women, the pain is located in the forehead, while for others it is on top of the head, on the right temple, or even moving from the back to the front of the head. For some, they are in constant 24/7 pain, for others, they occur once a month. Still - they all have one name.

Regardless of the type of migraine, the standard answer is usually the same for all women: medication. Among medications, you can choose from triptans, gepants (CGPR) and Botox, to name a few. All of which are “pain killers” and therefore aim to silence the pain with different mechanisms of action. They can be very effective, but it depends on the woman and her circumstances. Women tend to notice their numerous side effects, while for some they cease working altogether. They also talk about “rebound migraines”, and it has been scientifically proven that over time, migraine medication causes migraines.

So where does that leave us? To have a migraine, you need a genetic predisposition. 40 gene loci have been found to be responsible for causing migraines. In addition to the gene, you need one or multiple underlying imbalances for the migraine to be triggered. Those imbalances vary from woman to woman and are not static, which makes them hard to identify and correct. Because when one system is “down”, another body system will come to the rescue, therefore making it hard to keep track of them. It is important to identify them all and to start from the very first root cause, while adjusting the other systems over time. 

And that is what we do. It has taken us two full years to develop our methodology. Inspired by ancestral medicine and powered by technology, and we could not do it without both.

We, at Nectar Health, do not think your brain has a defect. In fact, we find it rather smart. Your brain is trying to communicate and ask for help. We have developed a proprietary online test to find the root causes of your migraines, and to act on them - not to silence the pain, but rather to listen, understand and resolve. Our results have been outstanding. 

So, “cure” is a big word, especially as there is a genetic predisposition involved. But we can identify and tackle the root cause, so that you can have a happy, functioning brain.The first step is to take our migraine online test. We then offer a free phone call to debrief you on your results, and detail how our programme can work for you.

Are migraine attacks taking over your life?

In this video, Jess explains how she used to experience 30 days of migraines a month, and how her life has improved since completing our programme.

Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with “you”? That’s why we’re here.

We listen to you and your body, finding the root causes of your migraines, and tackle them - so you can go back to just being you.


Our founder

Diane Ducarme is passionate about empowering women to achieve their potential. While living in China, her own health struggles led her to discover the power of functional foods. Through her long-established relationships with TCM practitioners, and analytical processes honed at Harvard and McKinsey & Co, she has created this highly effective migraine disease treatment.

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What happens after I take the test?

After completing the test, you will receive the following information:

1. The estimated time needed for you to feel a tangible difference. Women who have a profile rated Green might take anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, whereas women who have an Orange profile may take 6-8 months, while women who have a Red profile may take 12 months.

2. The number of imbalances we have identified that are the cause of your migraines. Usually women have multiple root causes to their migraines, which means they have 6-8 imbalances. For some women, it can be much lower at 2-4 imbalances and for others, it may go up to 14 imbalances.

3. The family of symptoms pertaining to your dominant imbalances that will need to have disappeared for you to experience substantially less/no more migraines.
For example: a more stable mood, less bloating, no more distention of the belly area, no more joint pains or ankle sprains, reduced IBS, reduced endometriosis - this would mean that your liver system is in balance.
Another example: no more sugar cravings, no more overeating prior to your menstruation, reduced exhaustion, no more dry skin, less grey hair and more hair overall - this would mean that your blood volume is now sufficient, and therefore your brain should be happier.

In doing the test itself, you may start to connect the dots between your migraines and other aspects of your health.


We will help you to live again

With the power of functional food, we will free you from migraines. We’ll get your brain back, bring colour into your life, empower you to achieve your potential, and help you truly live again.


A treatment plan that works

Why choose Nectar Health?

We’ve successfully helped over 85% of the women who actively follow our treatment plan. And these women are of different ages, lifestyles, and ethnicities.

It's all natural

Unlike drug treatments, our natural functional food treatment is risk-free. That means no more side-effects, only additional health benefits.

Backed by millennia of expertise

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been perfected over millennia. Its theories that the gut and brain are connected, and that a migraine attack is a message, have been proven by Western science.

It's driven by data

We treat your unique symptoms as data. Combined with our own human insights, and knowledge of TCM, we use that data to calculate a functional food treatment plan that’s tailor-made for you.

The benefits

Live for your purpose

Your brain is so precious. Now let's get it back. Together, we can manage your migraines - so you can spend your brain time on whatever gives you purpose.

A process that works

Every body is different. But of the women we've worked with, over 85% of them now have less painful, less frequent migraines. And some no longer have migraines at all.

Nature + tech + science + wisdom

We've combined scientific research, with the power of nature, the intelligence of AI, and the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, for a truly holistic migraine treatment.

Choose food, not drugs

Our migraine disease treatment is just beautiful functional food. So don't you worry about side-effects - the worst thing that can happen is that you eat something new!

No hassle

We've made diagnosis and treatment so simple that you can do it from home. Want to get started? We'd love to have you with us! Our online test takes just 7 minutes.

Empower more women

Join our community in fighting back against migraines. Your journey will help so many women in the future, by making our AI even stronger.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee

If you follow your treatment plan consistently, and don’t feel any improvements after 4 months, we’ll give you your money back. Because we believe that you shouldn’t pay us if we can’t make you healthier. What have you got to lose?

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