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Author at, The Post (Wellington), The Press (New Zealand)


Samantha had the privilege of working with Diane to address her migraine issues, and it has been a life-changing experience for Samantha. 

Her headaches and migraines’ journey began at the tender age of 7 when she started experiencing headaches. These episodes were so frequent that she had to visit the nursery four times a week to request medication. She was accused of not liking school, but little did anyone know that these headaches were the early signs of a lifelong battle with headaches and subsequently migraines. By now, at the age of 50, Samantha had tried various medications, seen neurologists, and even experimented with dietary changes, but nothing had provided a lasting solution. She had almost resigned herself to the belief that nothing might be possible.

But Diane helped Samantha see things differently. She made Samantha aware of the connection between her body, mind, and the foods she consumed. She introduced Samantha to a holistic approach that took into account not only her migraines but also her overall well-being.

It was when Samantha started experiencing vestibular migraines, characterized by debilitating dizziness and nausea, that she knew she had to seek a different path. 

Diane helped Samantha recognize that her body was sending her signals, warning her about the need for change. She explained how Samantha's other symptoms were interconnected with her migraines and the importance of addressing these issues.

Diane's guidance was mainly on introducing new functional foods. She also encouraged Samantha to explore stress management techniques like meditation and yoga, which have become an integral part of Samantha's daily routine. Together, they unraveled the unique triggers and patterns of Samantha's migraines, and Diane provided practical solutions tailored to Samantha's lifestyle.

"One of the most significant shifts in my mindset was realizing that I didn't have to rely solely on medication to manage my migraines," Samantha shares. "Diane empowered me to take control of my health, to be more in tune with my body, and to make choices that would support my well-being."

Samantha is thrilled to say that her migraines have become less frequent and less severe since working with Diane. "My energy levels have increased, and I've found a sense of balance that I never thought possible. I no longer live in fear of the next migraine attack, as I now have tools and knowledge to manage and prevent them."

"Working with Diane has been a transformative journey for me, one that has not only alleviated my migraine suffering but has also enhanced my overall quality of life," Samantha reflects. "I can't thank Diane enough for her guidance, expertise, and unwavering support on this path to a migraine-free life."

If you're someone who has struggled with migraines or any health issues for that matter, Samantha wholeheartedly recommends Diane. "Her holistic approach and deep understanding of the mind-body connection can truly make a difference in your life."

Thank you, Diane, for giving Samantha the gift of a migraine-free life and the wisdom to maintain it.

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