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Our values and how they guide our work


We have one simple mission at Nectar Health. To help women like you affected by migraine disease to live life to their greatest potential.

Migraine disease affects over 1 billion people worldwide, with women affected 3-4 times more than men. (1) Such untapped potential of women, which impacts enormously on families, communities and society as a whole.

Our founder Diane didn’t start out with the intention to help women with migraine. Instead, her journey evolved organically over time. Diane spent many years living in different countries and realised how much local food affected her health, both physically and mentally. Living in China for 5 years, Diane discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and used the concepts to improve her own health.

Diane then used TCM to help her sister who had frequent migraine attacks. She helped her regain control of her health and, through word-of-mouth, helped other women with migraine disease. Diane realised how effective combining TCM concepts and focusing on gut health was for migraine management. She was inspired to analyse TCM further, specifically focusing on migraine disease and working with TCM doctors renowned for their knowledge about functional foods. Rules to follow were complex, so she started translating them into algorithms using combinatorial statistics. 

Equipped with that knowledge and technology, Diane felt it was actually possible to help other women with migraine disease at scale. 

“When you make such a discovery, you have a moral obligation to make it available,” Diane says. 

In 2019, Nectar Health was born.

Our core values

We value working closely with you when you ask us for help. You have a unique migraine profile, and it's through our comprehensive online test, regular contact and daily tracking that we get to know what functional foods and teas will help improve the root cause of your migraine attacks.

We look at your migraine disease holistically and appreciate that your gut is the centre of your health. We work to create a healthy, diverse microbiome and correct any imbalances you have to improve your brain health.


We don’t cure migraine, because there is no cure. But the impact food has on your migraine attacks is well established, and we believe the stories of women who have managed to decrease the frequency and intensity of their migraine attacks through diet. We also believe it’s not as simple for everyone as just cutting out wine, cheese, monosodium glutamate (MSG), chocolate or eating organic.

What makes our approach different is how we combine the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine to minimise the frequency and intensity of your migraine attacks. There are over 40 genetic loci identified so far that contribute to migraine disease, and each year more research is published that provides further evidence of the role your gut microbiome has on your brain. (2) 

But what’s often forgotten in Western medicine is how your body itself is interconnected. In TCM, a migraine attack is a symptom of a problem within your body, and so it’s critical to find the origin of the problem. When we address the problem, we’re addressing the root cause of your migraine attacks. Also, beyond your body, TCM acknowledges we are connected to others and to nature. TCM recognises that your emotions can influence your health, as does where you live and the changing of the seasons.TCM also offers ways to cope with these internal and external influences.   

So many women have lost touch with what good health feels like and put themselves last. As well as recommending functional foods and teas specifically for you, we also acknowledge the importance of exercise and stress management for migraine management.  


When you take 2 minutes each evening to fill in your online daily tracker, it’s 2 minutes for you to reflect on your day and how your diet, where you are in your menstrual cycle and any events in your day have affected your head.


We also value data-driven knowledge. We have embraced technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to refine and improve our functional food and power tea recommendations. And we value your privacy and data security, which is why we developed a robust privacy policy right from the conception of Nectar Health. The data we collect is only used for the purpose of which it was collected and we’re committed to the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR).  

When you put your trust in us, we promise to work relentlessly to understand and treat the underlying cause of your migraine attacks. Our small but growing team is all personally impacted by migraine, and you won’t find a boardroom of ‘suits’ at Nectar Health. We believe in the power of the gut, the power of food and the power of your own body to heal itself from the inside.

And underpinning all of this sits our value of oneness. When one mother suffers, so does her child; when a female leader can no longer stand, we lose. That concept of oneness also applies to food and nature. 

As humans began monocropping, we decreased the biodiversity of our land, which has altered the biodiversity of our own microbiome. For example, 75% of the global food supply comes from only 12 plant and 5 animal species. Similarly, just 3 plants (rice, maize and wheat) make up nearly 60% of calories from plants in the entire human diet. (3) When we replace medication with more diversity from functional foods that nurture the gut, we put less medication in the water and mouths of those we love. 

When we help women around the world, we believe the benefits will filter down through all parts of our society. We are One. 





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DISCLAIMER: Information on this website is provided as general information only about our service and approach to migraine management. It isn’t intended as medical advice or diagnosis, and shouldn’t be relied on as a substitute for medical advice from a health professional.

Any recommendations of functional foods and teas and quantities are also for general information only. Some functional foods and teas mentioned on the website have contraindications and should only be consumed following advice from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

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