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Events Consultant and mother of two, Europe


My migraine attacks started about 6 years ago. We’d just moved from Shanghai to Singapore. Life was busy, my professional responsibilities had increased and I was now in charge of a larger team and region and travelling regularly. I had a young son and my husband was travelling back and forth between China and Africa. On top of this, I discovered I was pregnant with our second child a few months after arriving in Singapore.

It felt like I had it all – a successful career and a soon-to-be mother of two. Except the backstage is not always as seamless as it looks. In my case, “having it all” meant sweating twice as much in a stressful environment. Having migraine attacks on top of everything else was horrendous. They started as mild and infrequent, but quickly increased in the severity and intensity.

I had absolutely no control over when I’d have a migraine attack and I didn't understand my triggers. Migraine attacks had a real impact on my quality of life. Being in such uncontrollable pain was starting to affect my relationships at home. I would have to leave work or spend evenings locked in my room just to deal with the pain without bursting into tears in front of others. It was trying to catch up at night on what I could not achieve that day.

I decided to find a solution for my migraine attacks and, in the process, saw many doctors to understand what was causing them. I saw GPs, dentists, ophthalmologists, obstetricians and osteopaths. Some doctors didn't see or understand the problem. I felt like they hardly believed me and that having migraine attacks was part of the stress of the job or a woman’s territory. Others tried to take advantage of it by prescribing bi-weekly sessions and medication. I had multiple examinations, scans, blood tests, etc. No issue was found from a medical standpoint.

My pain was real though. 

I’m not the one who reached out to Diane, but my husband. As she was explaining to him the vision for Nectar Health, he had raised the issue to her and that’s how I learned how worried he was for me. Diane told me about her work and I jumped at the opportunity to try a holistic way to heal. Diane asked me lots of detailed questions, recommended foods to eat and tracked the evolution of my migraine disease and what food I ate. It came without the stress of a diet as I was adding things, not restricting myself and I could choose what to add in. On top of it, many of those were in form of teas.

After just 6–8 weeks, my migraine attacks started to decrease in intensity and frequency. I felt clearer and sharper, with a lot more energy. After years and years of medication and dozens of professionals, I couldn't believe that by simply adding functional foods to my diet I was finally able to live without medication in my handbag wherever I go!

I continue to learn with Nectar Health about nutrition and my body. More than a programme, it is a way of being and of living. I see health differently and more importantly, I don’t accept being told that pain is “normal”. There is another way to reclaim your vitality through the power of the gut, and I am so blessed to have found Nectar Health.

Thank you Diane!

DISCLAIMER: Information on this website is provided as general information only about our service and approach to migraine management. It isn’t intended as medical advice or diagnosis, and shouldn’t be relied on as a substitute for medical advice from a health professional.

Any recommendations of functional foods and teas and quantities are also for general information only. Some functional foods and teas mentioned on the website have contraindications and should only be consumed following advice from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

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