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I have experienced migraines intermittently since early adulthood, but they became more regular in my mid-30s. I had a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms that would pop up at random times – bloating, nausea, lightheadedness, extreme tiredness, general fuzziness in my mind, sensitivity to light, severe temple pain. I recognized some patterns to these symptoms. For example, sensitivity to light and lightheadedness was more acute after intense physical exertion; nausea, bloating and temple pain accompanied long-haul flights and periods of little sleep. I assumed my body was just sensitive and that these were things I would live with for the rest of my life. 

I started working with Diane in November 2022. I resonated with her explanation of migraine being an alarm bell from my body indicating that something was off kilter. The functional food lists she gave me were easy to follow. The results weren’t immediate, but that have been profound. 

In 5 short months I have seen shifts in all my “unrelated” symptoms. I have more energy. I am no longer sensitive to light. I don’t feel dizzy when doing intense physical exercise. I can travel long-haul without bloating and nausea. In addition, hemorrhoid discomfort and period pain that I’ve struggled with for years has been resolved. I even had a period of nearly 6 weeks with no migraines at all. 

I have confidence that when I have a migraine, Diane will be able to quickly help me address whatever in my body is sending out an alarm bell. It has changed my question from, “what did I do to cause this?” to, “what does my body need, and how can I meet that need?” This change in perspective has been a massive shift, giving me power over how I respond to my body. 

Thank you, Diane, for walking this journey with me. Your input and support have been a blessing to me, as I’m sure they are for all the people who work with you.

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Any recommendations of functional foods and teas and quantities are also for general information only. Some functional foods and teas mentioned on the website have contraindications and should only be consumed following advice from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

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