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Meet Diane

Diane Sitting

"It all began when my sister started suffering from migraine attacks. MRIs showed that nothing was wrong with her brain. And she would go from doctor to doctor with questions, and get very few answers. I’d had a similar experience myself. When I was 17, I lost half of my blood in a skiing accident, and hadn’t felt like ‘me’ since. I’d tried so many things, but still felt out of balance, out of shape, and out of energy.

After leaving Harvard Business School, my career with McKinsey took me to China. There I learned Mandarin, and visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor for the first time. With her help, my body began to heal, and I felt 17 again. My engine was working, and my body was no longer holding me back. Equipped with this knowledge, I helped my sister regain control of her migraine attacks. I soon realised that so many of my friends needed help too.

I was helping friends from Brussels to Auckland, Paris to Melbourne, Shanghai to Singapore, and across the USA. And the process was working. These women were being truly listened to for the first time, and instead of numbing their migraine attacks with drugs, they were treating the cause of the problem with food.

I’ve found a strong sense of purpose to share my knowledge with more women. And now, with the support of tech and data specialists, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, and migraineurs, I’m bringing it to you."

- Diane Ducarme, founder and CEO of Nectar Health

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